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Family Chiropractic of Lederach

658 Harleysville Pike, Suite 110. Harleysville, PA 19438


Dr. Sandra E. Andersson

(formerly Dr. Sandra E. Levenson)

Dr. Amy L. Jury

Dr. Lauren P. Hale

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Since 1983, Harleysville chiropractor, Dr. Sandra E. Andersson, has been providing gentle and compassionate care for individuals and families in the Harleysville area. Using effective chiropractic techniques in a beautiful, healing environment she locates the source of a patient's concern and determines the most successful methods of care that will lead to symptomatic relief, speedy recovery and long term correction.

In the Fall of 2012, Dr Sandy added Dr. Amy L. Jury to the team. A 2010 graduate of New York Chiropractic College, she brings a wide array of adjusting techniques plus certification in Whole Food Nutrition to the practice.

Dr. Lauren Hale has been with our team since 2014. Originally from Dresher, PA, Dr. Lauren  is an alumna of Pennsylvania State University and New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY.

Since graduation in March of 2014, Dr. Lauren has enjoyed working with the whole family to help promote a healthy nervous system and increase a healthier way of living.  

As your family chiropractors,  patients with neck pain, back pain, headaches and injuries may benefit from chiropractic care. Together, the doctors add their collective resources to benefit families searching for wellness care in the Harleysville area.

Wellness Care, Back Pain and Neck Pain Relief

Besides chiropractic adjustments, the doctors may recommend massage (available in the office), stretching and exercises in order to strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected area and reduce the risk of the reoccurring  back pain, neck pain or other concerns.

Dr. Sandy, Dr. Amy and Dr. Lauren, your family chiropractors, encourage patients to take responsibility for their own health by educating themselves about wellness care and ways to maintain their spinal and overall health. The office promotes wellness through the concept of "Wellness Makes C.E.N.T.S." which promotes education about the foundations of health rooted in Chiropractic, Exercise, Nutrition, Thoughts and Sleep.

If you are searching for a responsible, healthy and holistic lifestyle, contact our office to schedule an appointment. You'll have the opportunity to discuss how their knowledge can help you, your partner and your children live a healthy, active life in every stage of life.

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Family Chiropractic of Lederach
Dr. Sandra Andersson
658 Harleysville Pike Suite 110, Harleysville, PA 19438