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Massage by Megan Reynolds

Since 2014 Megan has provided massage at Family Chiropractic to the delight of many patients. Her skills are beyond compare as she analyzes the area of concern and addresses the problems with multiple techniques to assist in the healing process. Time tested quality has proven wonderful results.

Schedule your appointment with Megan and all of the practitioners in our Wellness Center either by calling 215-256-8006. Schedule on the homepage of this website or speak with Jeanine when you are at our office for your chiropractic care. 

Acupuncture by Taissa Kira 

Acupuncture is an integral part of an Asian medical system dating back over 2,000 years that has helped many people maintain health and vitality by stimulating the body to toward healing.

This holistic system of healthcare is based on the principle that to be healthy, tissues and organs need proper supply of blood and the nutrients and oxygen that blood carries. Over 400 specific points have been mapped out on the body where a blockage can occur.  Modern technology has shown that these points are often found at neuromuscular junctions of tiny vessels and nerves within muscles and connective tissue. A trained acupuncturist finds these points and releases the blockage that is halting the flow of blood and oxygen from reaching the cells, organs and tissue.  In doing so, they can tap into the body's immune response, stimulating natural painkillers and increase blood flow.

Any blockage in the body can cause pain, discomfort or dis-ease on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.  In Asian medicine, all dysfunction can be traced back to diet and emotions.  Imbalances in the system, whether caused by stressful events, chronic irritations, poor dietary choices and lack of exercise, can cause a host of problems on all levels.  

An acupuncture treatment will include a thorough health history review, physical exam and therapies that include the gentle insertion of tiny, hair-thin needles superficially into the skin. The patient then rests for 10-20 minutes before the needles are removed and other modalities like cupping, bodywork with pressure and Guasha, (rubbing of oiled skin to create a flush and work out tight muscles), may be used, depending on the individual situation. 

Reflexology by Nicole Bencsik

Nicole is delighted to bring her enthusiasm and passion for health and wellness to Family Chiropractic of Lederach. A graduate of Mercy College, Nicole earned a B.S. in Health Sciences, and furthered her education as a Practitioner of Reflexology through Essential Connections. It is her mission to provide a safe place of relaxation, offering the body gentle assistance through reflexology and the use of Young Living Essential Oils. 

Nicole values the innate wisdom of the body and embraces the philosophy that when the body is properly supported it has the ability to naturally heal, self-correct and restore balance. Nicole is especially passionate about educating others on the benefits of essential oils and natural living and providing the tools to improve their quality of life. She is eager to walk with you on your personal health journey. 

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"The doctors at Family Chiropractic care about your well being. They strike the right balance between recommending a course of treatment and allowing the patient to listen to their own body and personal needs...This is a practice that helps people feel better and have a higher quality of life".